There is no minimum or fixed number of sessions that you need to attend. We make your initial booking, and then you can choose how often you would like to attend. How frequently you will meet depends on a variety of factors, including what you are seeking from therapy, and practicalities of finances and scheduling.

People often come weekly, but that is certainly not set in stone – many people meet more or less often. Double sessions or longer are occasionally available on request as well. Carolyn is happy to discuss your particular situation further with you; figuring out the logistics is a collaborative process for which she can offer guidance and can flexibly shift over time.

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the issues you are bringing to counselling, and what benefit you feel you are gaining from the sessions. . Individuals should expect to attend for a minimum of 5-8 sessions, as it is difficult to achieve results in less time. Sometimes clients find that they get ongoing benefits from the sessions, and they might attend for a longer period.

The length of treatment depends on a number of variables. These variables include: the severity of the problem, the motivation of the client, the type of problem and the age of the client. The more focused and limited the problem being addressed, the shorter treatment can be. The more the treatment addresses healing emotional injuries, the longer it is likely to take. I provide a variety of short and long term approaches to cater for the needs of all individuals. Generally speaking, people continue counselling whilst they feel they are gaining benefit from it. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions required, and you are free to book from session to session.

I am not able to book an appointment on behalf of a third party. i can  provide you with ,opening times, fees, and other general information about our service but the individual seeking counselling will need to call me directly to make the booking.

The information discussed in your counselling session is entirely confidential and will not be released to anyone except with your express permission. The only time a practitioner may release information to authorities is if they feel your life or someone else’s life is in immediate danger, or to report historical or current CSA.

The fee is between €60 and €70 euros per 60min session . If for some reason Carolyn is not able to see you, she will work with you to find someone who can.

For trainee counsellors the fee is €50.

Sessions are normally 60minutes in length.  However, if you are travelling some distance to attend the session longer times can be negotiated.

To make an appointment or if you have any questions regarding counselling call or text Carolyn on 085 7264514 or fill in the enquiry form here