Good Supervision is essential to good practice, and a pivotal ingredient of mindful self care for those working in the mental health sector.

Carolyn  has a Professional Diploma in Integrative Supervision from IICP College, her supervision approach is integrative and humanistic with a psychodynamic understanding (particularly attachment theory). She is also  informed by third wave approaches (ACT, CFT ,DBT),  Carolyn uses the Page and Woskets and Hawkins and Shohet models of supervision. She is interested in expanding intervention skills; building confidence in managing challenges of the therapeutic process  and supporting therapists’ own awareness and self-care.

Whether you are an experienced therapist in private practice, trainee counsellor on placement or providing therapy in organisation settings, developing your individual style and professional authority is an ongoing developmental task Carolyn will support you with. She will focus a lot in supervision on your counter-transference/embodied experience of client relationships as a source of understanding the dynamics of the work.

Counselling session

Although supervision focuses on 3 primary areas, being Client Care, Professional Standards and Professional Development, it is the supervisee that guides the focus and content of their supervision sessions as their practice and situation dictates.

Carolyn offers supervisees a safe space to pause within their practice life, where reflections and vulnerability are not only accepted, but encouraged, she also offers support in emergency situations, Feeling like someone has your back, empowers you to do your best work.

Supervision with Carolyn will offer you an experience of being held and supported. challenged in a way that is calculated to be productive for you and your clients, encouraged and inspired during difficult times and worked with collaboratively.

For trainees during the initial stages of training and practice, Carolyn provides a more structured approach. Her fee is €50 for trainee counsellors and €60 for qualified professionals.


All personal details and information discussed inside, and outside sessions are kept strictly confidential. Further aspects of this will be discussed in the first session.

To Contact Carolyn

To make an appointment or if you have any questions regarding counselling call or text Carolyn on 085 7264514 or fill in the enquiry form here